Annie Lively
Licensed Massage Therapy


"Annie is a wonderful massage therapist! She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and passionate about it. I have had the privilege of knowing Annie for over 20 years. She practiced her techniques on me when she was in school and since then I have had the opportunity to have the best massages I have ever had with Annie. Days before my wedding in 2012, I had been dealing with scapular pain/frozen shoulder. It was a constant pain (for a couple years). Within an hour of Annie working her magic she had released knots and tension along my scapula and it was moving again as it was designed to, pain free!

More recently, after a miscarriage at 18 weeks and muscular pains due to stress, I needed help! Due to COVID-19 all massage practices had shut down. On top of the emotional and mental turmoil I was facing, I had physical pain on top of it. Although we didn’t live in the same area, Annie was able to teach my husband, through an online engagement, techniques to help ease the tension in my body. The tension had been causing migraines for days. It was evident through this online education that she had taught massage therapy students before. She was able to adequately train my husband how to perform techniques and really help me feel so much better physically. On top of that, Annie is such a joy to interact with. Although we were deep in grief, she caused us to laugh more than we had in the previous two weeks since the passing of our daughter. Our time with Annie was great for physical pain but it was great for the soul too! Annie is a wonderful massage therapist! It is evident when you first meet her that she loves what she does. She is not only extremely passionate but knowledgeable too! I for one have at times felt awkward getting a massage but with Annie it is relaxing, comfortable, and really enjoyable! "  Christy Cooper