Annie Lively
Licensed Massage Therapy

Policies and Procedures


Cancellation and Late Policy

Cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance will not access a fee. You must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. This allows the chance for someone else to schedule an appointment.  

If you are unable to give a full 24 hours advance notice, you will be charged $50 for appointments missed or cancelled within 24 hours. This includes clients using gift certificates, and prepaid packages. 

I am happy to see clients past their scheduled appointment time because I know life happens, but the service will be deducted the amount of time late from the time alloted for your service. (for example if someone is scheduled for an hour session at 2pm and arrives at 2:30, your session would finish at 3:00.)

  NO - Shows

If you forget or choose to forgo your appointment for whatever reason, this is considered a "no show."

You will be charged for your "missed" appointment and future service will be denied until the payment is made.

Returned check fee

There is a returned check fee of $30

Contraindications (conditions where massage is not safe/ indicated)

Under certain medical conditions, receiving massage/ bodywork may not be advised, such as when a fever is present, indicating an infection. If a massage could be potentially harmful to a client's situation or condition, your Licensed massage therapist has the right to decline performing massage on the client.

Thank you for your understanding, and respect for the professional boundaries that exist between your massage therapist and client in order to provide the best experience for your massage session.

I look forward to working with You!